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Simon Manchipp

What about a truely integrated design group rather than a bolted on buy in!


You forgot to include the ban on pot plants.

Chris Bryant

The Howell Henry Show

Surely we were the first to film the entire content for our company meetings??!

jon leach

Simon - good point. Add it to the list (citing Go as the particular example?)

Anne Faye - you got me there. However a list of all the things we didn't do might be hard to compile. On the other hand "No sitting in departments" has been imitated.

PS what colour is your hair today?

Chris - another goodie. The company meeting as video clip - YouTube owe us one.

Ben Hasler

what about making everyone the drinkers they are today? i owe it all to hhcl! many thanks! i actually have a hangover so i'm now going to have a little sleep (or power nap as it used to be called, did hhcl invent those also?)


One of the most irritating things about being an ex-hhcler is that we are already bored of the things everyone else in marketing thinks is the next greatest thing. We went there, did it, and gave up before the others were our of nappies.

Simon  Manchipp

oh, and what about interactive posters/TV ads (Mazda)

and 'win dinner with Ian Priest' the then MD (Won by Jane Tandy)

or be the worst dressed person in the room (Didn't Huntington get told off for wearing clam diggers to an Iceland meeting?) - Now surely adopted by some of What!If?

The responsible away-day - rebuilding a day centre by day, making the owners cry with joy. partying in it by night, making the owners cry.

It just goes on and on... sadly HHCL didn't.

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