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David O'Hanlon

Great list Jon,

The Word idents were Autumn / Winter 94, and also featured the first URL on an ad or sponsorship ident on British TV. The folks at Channel 4 didn't know what it was and were very worried about viewers going off and not watching the break.

The Tango Cash Card was from 1995 and none of the banks would play ball with the ATM's so we made it a telephone (Swiss) bank and you had to phone up to try your luck. To spice things up you could withdraw £100 every 3 hours, and if you got the right PIN you had the option to change it so that any previous people who had guessed the right PIN couldn't keep using it. Someone ended up with about two grand as far as I recall before someone else guessed right and changed the PIN.

Another feature of this promotion which was an HHCL thing was the extension of the brand into the legal copy. I think Adam Morgan cites this in one of his books, but someone put the promotion's legal copy up on the notice board at Ford's plant in east London 'cos they thought they were so funny.

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