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Marc Rapp

Reputation management has been an issue for sometime with social currency being a generally vague number to assign a value. This is because accountability can not be pin-pointed accurately. Or, in the case of the web, attribution can't be tracked. (the cloud will make this even more difficult.)

If a value could be assigned ( keeping in mind that all value is derived from a scarcity ), it would ultimately fail because it is still based on the mountain top theory ( you mentioned top-down ) where as most smaller ( emerging ) companies are operating as a mountain range ( sideways theory ). Using the mountain range analogy, you could easily argue that it would be a sliding scale for valuation. The problem with a sliding scale is; you can't always predict the slide nor it's scale. This means a monetary value would not work because of pace would be to fast for a system based on standard ( in our case, gold ) to accurately compensate the entire mountain range.

If WOM or PR are to become valuable or subjected to a performance based pay scale, it couldn't happen with money. Curation of the information as well as dispersion of the information could happen fast enough to be profitable for one person, let alone a company.


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