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Necip Dogu

I am the one who used to be the supplier of Michael P... in Turkey for the boats he offers.. I don't think anybody should trust this man to plan their holidays. He is totally incompetant and a swindler.

Kitty Stephens

My family and I booked a holiday with Michael P (Peters or Philips ?)from Just Gulets in Feb 08 chartering the gulet 'Feraya' for 1 week from the 4th Oct 08. All our transactions were paid through our travel agent in the UK, and Just Gulets were under licence to them.
5 days before we were due to sail, the Turkish agent Necip Dogu (see comment above) contacted our UK agent to say our holiday was cancelled because Michael Peters owed him money. Repeated phonecalls and emails to Michael P elicited no reply. Our UK agent was brilliant and found us another gulet at no extra cost.
By chance, on the second day of our cruise we came across the gulet 'Feraya' we had originally booked on. The people on it had chartered it for 2 wks from 27th Sept, and had details of the 'Feraya' weeks before.
In other words, the boat had been chartered to another group through a different company for the week we had booked!
There are clearly some shady goings-on in this business, and Michael Peters is definitely not to be trusted. If it hadn't been for our UK agent we would have lost our holiday and money.

This man has also operated under:

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Jo Harrison

We too unfortuntely have just realised we too are victims of Michael Peters scam,with his company justgulets.com, we booked a 2 week charter for 4 couples leaving Gocek in 2 weeks time,(Aug 2009) we have just found out that Mr Peters has done a runner with all our money that we paid up front. Unfortunately this makes bad publicity to others in this business and makes everyone hesitant to do these holidays. We were so looking forward to discovering Turkey! :( Wishing the authorities swift action with this crook.
Unhappy Australians.

Steve (needs a holiday) Baylis

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Gulets Turkey

This man was on the local news here, seems like he is one of the many desperate people who set up fake businesses to con people out of their money and then run.

Cruise Deals

Ouch. I feel sorry for all the people he ows them money. The domains are pretty good though, what's to be with them now? I kinda like travelling the world on fancy cruises.

Claire i love cruise holidays

Just dreadful, no morals at all. Poor people :-(

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