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Tom Hopkins

Hope you don’t mind, but I put you guys in for the “Five things people don’t know about you” thread. Happy holidays!

Sam Coates (ConHome)

Thanks for doing this it's quite interesting.

Which category do you reckon the Tory power bloggers are in, the Strong silent types?!

Jonathan Sheppard

What about doing something similar for podcasts


Well, well, UKIPHome is the 3rd most influential blog on Tory policy issues. Thatmust make a lot of Tories very happy... ;-)


This work is an absolute joke. Someone paid money for this???They'd be better off asking someone who spends an hour a day on the Tory blogs what to do.

I can't wait to tell Paul Newman that he is the third most popular Conservative blogger.


Boo hoo, poor old PragueTory's ego bubble has been burst. I guess it would have been the model of excellence if your ropey blog had been in the top 10.

Nothing like asking the tory bloggers for a *cough* balanced view.


Hey PT - On your website you have called PatternRecognition's analysis as 'clever data mining' for the top 10 in which you like the result (the popular sites) but suddenly the very same analysis is a joke in the top 10 in which you don't like the result (the influential list).

That is exactly why PatternRecognition would not ask Tory Bloggers opinion.


I was joking on my site about Paul Newman - do you need me to put a joke up in lights for you, Chad?

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